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The Imperial Palace in Vienna is among the largest palace complexes imaginable and part of it dates back to the 13th century. The Habsburgs ruled their realm for more than seven centuries from this palace in Hofburg. It was their palatial home until 1918. 

The Habsburg dynasty's rise to prominence and the subsequent extension of their empire saw the Imperial Palace transform from a castle constructed in the thirteenth century into a magnificent palace. 

Today, the current Federal President operates from the Imperial Palace, which also serves as a major congress center and houses various art treasures. 

How to explore Hofburg?


  • You can view the private and official chambers of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth inside Vienna's Imperial Palace. There are 24 rooms in the palace, from the imperial stairway to the sitting rooms and bedrooms of the royal family. 
  • Discover the truth in the legendary tales of Queen Elisabeth by touring the Sisi Museum in the Imperial Palace. The most well-known images of the empress are displayed among several personal items she formerly possessed. 
  • Insights on the court dining culture of the past imperial dynasty can be gleaned from the Imperial Silver Collection housed in the Imperial Palace. The collection features everything from high-end porcelain and crystal glasses to elaborate table settings and elaborate copper cookware. 
  • See the two Imperial Crowns - the Burgundian Treasure and the Order of the Golden Fleece Treasure in the world's most important treasury housed in the palace. 
  • Take a tour of the State Hall, the main reading room of the Austrian National Library. It is, without a second doubt, one of the most stunning library halls ever built. The collection here represents Europe's largest concentration of Baroque books. 
  • Listen to the Hofmusikkapelle, a choir performed with the Court Music Orchestra at the Imperial Chapel. 
  • In the stunningly baroque setting of the Imperial Palace, the Spanish Riding School and its famed Lipizzaner horses give you an opportunity for horseback riding.
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