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Vienna is home to an extensive natural history museum known as the Natural History Museum. It is widely recognized to be among the finest natural history museums in the world. More than 100,000 pieces are displayed across the museum's 8,460 square meters in 39 exhibition rooms. 

It houses 30 million objects and is used by over 60 scientists and a large number of guest researchers to conduct fundamental studies in a wide variety of fields within the social, natural, and behavioral sciences. The Habsburgs collected everything under the sun and housed it in this museum next to the Imperial Palace, including pterodactyls, diamonds, minerals, and insects. 

How to explore the Natural History Museum?

  • You will learn about the evolution of mankind from its 'most basic' to 'most sophisticated' forms on the ground floor. This is why monkeys, as proto-human primates, populate this level. 
  • The digital planetarium features a state-of-the-art Fulldome system and an inner dome roughly 8.5 meters in diameter. This is where you can watch live presentations daily on a wide range of topics related to astronomy, biology, prehistory, and the deep sea. 
  • The dinosaur hall displays fossils and skeletons of enormous extinct creatures, including a lifelike roaring allosaurus. 
  • The value of the museum's collections increases because they contain numerous taxidermy examples of species that are now extinct or in danger of going the same way. 
  • Visit the Meteorite Room to view the world's largest and oldest collection of meteorites. There are 1,100 'fallen from the sky' boulders on display. 
  • On a guided tour of the museum's rooftop, you can see the Old City and the Ringstrasse from a new perspective. 
  • Figures and statues depicting the development of natural science and the might of nature are shown on its facade. 
  • In addition to the antiques on display in the halls, the mezzanine is adorned with more than a hundred oil paintings.
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Address of Naturhistorisches Museum

Burgring 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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