The House of Heads, also called La Maison de Tetes, is a charming structure located in the middle of Colmar.


• Find out about personalities played a role in its creation of it:

Albert Schmidt, known to have been the architect who designed and constructed the house of heads in 1609 for the shopkeeper Anton Burger, was responsible for the construction of the former protestant presbytery and the house of the St. John's Knights. Albert Schmidt was responsible for other buildings, including the house of the St. John's Knights.

This house got its name from many masks and scowling faces that decorate the outside; those characteristics also inspired the name.

• Appreciate the extensive collection of art and architecture that the site possesses in its entirety:

The house of heads is a magnificent building constructed during the German renaissance period.

It got its name from the 106 heads or grotesque masks that decorate the rich facade of the building, which also features a bay window that is three stories high. These heads and masks decorate the building in a variety of different styles.

The roof of the building is decorated with volutes, and it also features a statue of a cooper that Auguste Bartholdi sculpted in 1902 in response to an order for wines. These elements were added because Auguste Bartholdi was commissioned to do so.

• It would help if you visited for the food, but stay for the atmosphere:

A path that can be found beginning at the entrance and leading to a shaded courtyard with an outdoor eating area is available.

The renowned chef, who has earned an incredible reputation in the global food community, is the owner of the quaint and cozy hotel, which features a lovely courtyard and every imaginable amenity, including complete peace.

The dining room is decorated in style reminiscent of an earlier era, and the cuisine prevalent in the area was a gastronomic utopia.

Spend a few nights there or make the most of everything it offers.

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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of House of Heads

19 rue des Têtes, Colmar, France

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