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Colmar, a medieval town dating back to the 13th century, may be found in the French region of Alsace. Along the legendary 170-kilometer Alsace Wine Route, it is one of the many attractive towns that can be found. Half-timbered residences, typical of Alsace architecture, can be seen all around this town, from the quaint ancient burghers' buildings from the 16th century to the colorful fishermen's shacks on Quai de la Poissonnerie.

Things to do at Old Town:

  • Spend some time in the historic district of Colmar and allow yourself to become lost in the rainbow-colored passages:

Colmar is filled with winding alleyways made of cobblestone, particularly those that run along the canals. Innumerable quaint streets are packed with quaint tiny shops, restaurants, and gambling establishments (wine lounges).

Make it a point to go out and take a stroll through the town to take in the vibrant colors and winding streets. Once upon a time, the canals of Petite Venice were alive with the activity of butchers, tanners, and fishmongers, and the neighborhood was known as a center for education and the arts.

  • To capture the beauty of the Krutenau Quarter, which is serving as a backdrop, take some photographs:

The most lovely neighborhood in all of Colmar is known as Petite Venise.

These historic half-timbered homes are typical of the Alsace region and can be found along the riverbanks (hence the little Venice).

This area commences below the Kofhus and continues to the Saint-Pierre and Turenne bridges via the fish market district.

  • At Quai de la Poissonnerie, you can experience the hustle and bustle of a traditional fish market:

In the neighborhood known as Little Venice, you'll find Quai de la Poissonnerie, also known as the fish market district.

Most of Colmar's professional fishermen and boatmen made their homes in this area throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, and they traded fish.

It is also the most well-known spot in the entire city.

  • House of Heads will unquestionably deserve your diligent search!

The construction of the House of Heads began in 1609, during the period known as the German Renaissance. It was once a gorgeous private mansion, and now it is adorned with 106 grotesque heads around the windows and on the exterior of the building.

  • Find the old customs building, often known as the Koifhus:

The Koifhus, also known as an ancient customs house, was constructed around 1480 and has since been used for various functions.

The inaugural meeting of the Alsace Federation, established in 1534, was held on the second floor, while the ground floor was used as a warehouse at the time.

Since then, it has been used as a theatre, a bank, and several schools, among other things.

  • Discover unparalleled works of art at the Unterlinden Museum:

The Issenheim Altarpiece, which is famous worldwide, may be seen in the Unterlinden museum.

The museum's first location was a monastery dating back to the thirteenth century; however, in 1906, it was connected to the building described in the following sentence.

  • Admire the building of the Dominican church, a rich source of architectural marvels:

The commencement of the Dominican church may be traced back to the first part of the fourteenth century. It is an important part of the architecture of the mendicant orders, which offered a new approach to sacred space and was known for its unique design.

  • Take a boat journey and see the old town of Colmar:

Consider taking a boat ride through the canals instead. It's fun and intriguing to get around the city and see everything it offers.

The trips depart every half an hour from the footbridge on the Saint Pierre Bridge.

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Colmar, France

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