Marché Couvert

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The Grand Marché Couvert, a massive glass-and-steel structure constructed in the 1880s and situated inside the narrow town center of Fort-de-France, hosts a bustling produce market.

This warm place will thrill your taste buds and your eyes with its lovely metal architecture!


Embrace the aesthetic qualities and unique harmony of flawlessly functional forms in architecture:

The building is categorized as a historical monument. The Sainte-Cécile Cathedral and Saint-Salvi College's fronts were used for market activities in the Middle Ages, including the Pile Place.

Beginning in 1860, Albi decided to build a covered food market after the model of Paris's Halles. The chosen design is a triangle-shaped hall resembling a 'Pavillon Baltar,' with metal pieces representing bricks and Persian tiles intended to be assembled like enormous Lego blocks.

Stroll through the vendors carrying a basket while you take in the flavors, colors, and freshness of this genuine regional market:

Please do not hesitate to see what the 33 local merchants offer.

Mangoes, pineapples, other tropical fruits, herbs, spices, and healing elixirs are available from rows of merchants. The bakoua, a pointed straw hat with a wide brim, is a fantastic memento.

An outdoor market is added every Saturday morning, offering a wide range of fresh goods. Additionally, its piétonnized abutments make it possible to see the nearby shops and patios.

Bring not one but two baskets if you prefer high-quality, healthful goods!

The specialties from the Vosges are also for sale, from the Vosges smoked cheese to Munster cheese, as you can see or smell.

Forget calories and indulge in bourgeoisness in this market:

All the components are present for a gourmet experience, including the hues of the seasonal fruit and vegetables and the aroma of the meals made just for you. It also includes a wide range of culinary diversity, including Brittany, Italy, cheeses, and mouthwatering seafood!

Experiential learning helps bring out the chef in you:

'What is this peculiar vegetable at the stall for organic farming? The market gardener calmly and empathetically describes the types and growing techniques and the entire house beams! Their collaboration gave rise to the idea of holding public cooking classes starting at 10 am on Fridays for older gourmets and Wednesdays for the youngsters.

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Address of Marché Couvert

13 Rue des Écoles, Colmar, France

Opening & Closing time of Marché Couvert

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