Koifhus (Old Custom House)

Koifhus, located on a charming square, has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Aside from its aesthetic value, the House was essential to developing the modern economy because it served as a clearinghouse for all goods entering the town, where they were taxed before being sold to customers. This contributed to the House's value.

• Gain an understanding of its cultural and historical significance:

Ancienne Douane, also spelled Kofhus, is a building with Gothic and Renaissance influences found in Colmar, located in France. Since 1930, it has been recognized as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture. Additionally, General Jean Rapp was conceived and delivered there.

• Gain an understanding of the many different practical purposes that the site serves:

The Kofhus is the oldest public building in the area and has been used for two different functions since it was constructed.

Both a warehouse and a location for collecting taxes on imports and exporting goods were located on the ground floor of the building.

The floor was utilized during the meetings of the Décapole's deputies. The Décapole was founded in 1534 and is a federation of the ten imperial cities of Alsace. Around 1840, there was a theatre, and in 1848, the first discount bank office was established there.

The Kofhus served as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry's location from 1870 until 1930. Additionally, in the latter half of the 19th century, the building housed a Catholic boy's school and an Israelite school.

This location is currently plays host to a plethora of public events and runs a restaurant.

• Appreciate the stunning results achieved by combining different architectural styles:

The Koifhus was significant enough in the community and commercial world to warrant extensive renovation and expansion. Over the years, several structures were built on top of the existing ones, resulting in a fusion of architectural styles and demonstrating that the Koifhus was significant enough to warrant extensive renovation and expansion works.

Tiles on the roof have been painted or varnished in vivid colors, making it a particularly eye-catching feature,

• Delve deep into historical insights:

Are you curious about the component that has been around the longest? Keep an eye out for the Imperial eagle, with two heads stationed at each of the building's primary entryways.

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Address of Koifhus (Old Custom House)

Place de l'Ancienne Doaune, Colmar, France

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