Grand Rue De Colmar

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The Grand Rue is a charming blend of old historic buildings, quaint charm, and tiny independent stores, cafes, and restaurants. Like many others, it is surrounded by lovely pastel-colored homes, many of which are half-timbered. Along it are numerous eateries and adorable stores. It combines the best of the old and new eras in a lively and beautiful way.


• Take some time to explore the streets:

The best way to sightsee and get a feel for the city is to walk around the neighborhoods, many of which have been in innumerable movies, TV series, and books. View the sites and take pictures before most tourists walk to the bakery early in the morning.

• Pick up a seat on the terrace, enjoy a hot chocolate, and observe the passing of time under the lovely awning:

The street comprises gourmet bakeries, specialty shops, and stylish boutiques. There are numerous shops with high-end bed linen, elegant furniture, and delicatessen establishments. After a long day of touring, you can choose from various boulangeries. Also, the multiple restaurants here cater to people with eclectic palates.

• Enjoy the lovely historic buildings close to Little Venice:

The street has several exciting houses from various eras, for example, at Nos. 36, 50, 52, and 54. Other impressive historic buildings include St. Matthews church next to the late Renaissance former Protestant presbytery, the so-called House of the Arcades, with its remarkable oriel window (Nos. 11 to 19), the stunning former Customs House Kofhus (No. 29), and the neo-classical former Palace of the Sovereign Council of Alsace

The 'paquebot type' building from the middle of the 1930s at the very beginning of the street is extremely rare for Colmar.

Today, it serves as a Fnac library.

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Grand Rue De Colmar, Colmar, France

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