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Shah Allah Ditta, also known as 'Sadhu ka Bagh,' is gradually becoming more well-known and is seeing an increase in the number of tourists who visit.

The Buddhist caves date back hundreds of years and are located in the Margalla Hills adjacent to the city. They are also close to the tomb of Hazrat Shah Allah Ditta, a saint who lived during the Mughal Empire.

Things to do at Shah Allah Ditta:

  • As the caves provide a unique window into a different world, educate yourself:

They convey a past all their own, one that cries out to be uncovered and investigated. The caverns of Shah Allah Ditta can be found on the route that leads to Khanpur. These caves are located close to the mausoleum and cemetery that are associated with Shah Allah Ditta. On the cave ceilings of Shah Allah Ditta, which date back 2,400 years, there is artwork depicting Buddha that was created during the Buddhist era. Both a mosque that was built by Shahab-ud-Din Ghori and a stepwell that was given the name Losar Baoli can be found on the ascent from the caverns to the top of the mountain.

  • Understand how civilizations evolved here:

There is evidence that humans have lived in and used the Shah Allah Ditta caverns for a significant portion of their history. The caves are made up of two porous sandstone rock shelters that formed naturally and can be found on either side of a hot water spring. Both sides of the caverns are connected by a passageway.

  • Observe climatic influences here:

The caverns are an excellent illustration of how Mother Nature works her magic and were formed over a period of thousands of years

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Road, Shah Allah Dita Shah Allah Dita, Islamabad, Islamabad District, Islamabad Wafaqi Alaqah 44000, Pakistan

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