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Visitors can enjoy several attractions at the fine sand Al Ghariya Beach in Qatar. This beach offers a wide range of amenities, including camping and the best water sports facilities. In reality, the reason this place is so well-liked among tourists is that they may enjoy playing a variety of sports directly on the beach area.

Best Things to do: 

Al Ghariya is a location where visitors can still have a fantastic time even though it doesn't offer any obvious amenities. This beach offers a variety of activities that visitors can partake in without paying any additional fees of any kind. So, here are some activities you can enjoy while spending the day at the beach.

  • Enjoy Outdoor Sports: 

Qatar's beaches are well known for their opportunities for water sports, and it's easy to see why. The Ghariya Beach in Qatar is typical of the majority of beaches in the nation today in that it provides both beach sports and aquatic activities. Travelers can participate in several sports at this location.

Visitors have a lot to look forward to, like playing frisbee on the soft sand and enjoying the best beach football experience available. It is crucial to highlight that travelers must bring their sporting goods because they are not available on the beach. Consequently, be sure to go to the beach and play sports with your pals.

  • Camp on the Beach: 

It would be wonderful to camp on the beach, and that is exactly what Al Ghariya Beach is known for. Families may come to the beach and experience camping in the sand without bothering about anything else, making it one of the most popular camping destinations in Qatar. In reality, the majority of visitors come here hoping to take advantage of this. You can throw a barbecue around your camp and have a good time to make things even better.

  • Al Ghariya Resort: 

Are you unsure of what more you can do to maximize your time at Qatar's Ghariya Beach? Well, a luxurious resort is waiting for you. Travelers can choose to stay at the Al Ghariya Resort, one of the best resorts in Madinat Ash Shamal. The resort boasts a tranquil setting that draws tourists in large numbers and provides every conceivable amenity.

The resort has consistently received good marks for family vacations, and being so near to the beach only makes it better. Try spending a night or two at this resort if you wish to stay close to Ghariya Beach in Qatar. It is the ideal luxury staycation option close to the beach.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Al Ghariya Beach

Al Shamal Road 80 km North of Doha, Madinat Ash Shamal Qatar

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