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The well-known location in Qatar's north is this one, which has a golden beach and crystal-clear water. Although it's a great place to hang out with friends and family, you must carry your own meals. Please make sure you keep the surroundings neat and use the trash can whenever necessary. 

The absence of crowds is among the beach's most alluring qualities. There are no bothersome sellers around. It's frequently feasible to wander along the shoreline and not encounter another person, especially during the workweek. To enjoy this seclusion, specific preparation is needed. Bring everything you will need for the hours you will be here because there are no stores or amenities within miles of the beach. Bringing extra water and carrying an umbrella is always a need in Qatar's desert.

  • Witness Hawksbill Sea turtle hatchery: 

Along with Al Ghariyah, Umm Tais National Park, and several other locations in the northern section of the peninsula, Fuwairit Beach is an important nesting location for endangered hawksbill turtles. A wildlife crew keeps an eye on the region, performs counts, and carries out operations to safeguard the turtle eggs and hatchlings. Each season, up to 5,000 newborn turtles make their way to the water. It is home to the Hawksbill Sea turtle hatchery, and from April to July, a section of the beach is closed to visitors during that time.

  • Camping: 

Fuwairit Beach is a great place for camping. There are no dining establishments nearby. It's a great location for watching the sunrise or sunset while barbecuing some delectable foods. Pack a tent, some firewood, and dinner ingredients for a barbeque. If you want to see the dawn, get up early because the beach lies on the eastern side of Qatar's peninsula. Watch kite surfers riding the wind later in the day. Look for a few dates and palm trees, shells, and interesting pebbles as you go along the beach.

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    3 hours

Address of Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach, Qatar

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