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French beach, also known as Al Maroona Beach, is a small, quiet location that is untamed and undeveloped. Its main advantages are smooth goldish sand and shallow, warm sea that is translucent like a teardrop; there are no opulent hotels or boisterous eateries. People visit this place to relax with their families, go swimming in the clear waters while wearing a mask, or enjoy a romantic picnic under the setting sun. Sunscreen and umbrella maintenance are required because there is no shade. There are no cafes or shops nearby, so visitors need to bring their tables, chairs, barbeque equipment, food, and water if they wish to enjoy a picnic.

  • Enjoy the cool waters: 

The sea is massively filled with warm paddle water full of entertaining sea critters, and the sand is soft and emits golden hues when sunshine strikes it. If you examine them all, you might be able to see small hermit crabs, a variety of fish, starfish, and even turtles. Travelers may also encounter jellyfish, but since the water is so clear, you don't need to be concerned because you can readily detect them. Playing in the shallow water will be a delight for your little swimmers and water babies.

To get into the water and swim properly, though, you'd need to go far, as with many of Qatar's beaches. Sand is perfect for building sandcastles, so don't forget your bucket and spade. However, when you arrive at the shore, you could notice sizable holes with sand mounds right next to them. Ghost crabs may be lurking within one of the holes that they dug.

  • Best Place for couples, families, and friends: 

The golden-hued smooth sand and the warm, shallow sea, which is as clean and transparent as a teardrop, are the nicest aspects of the beach. Al Maroona Beach is a popular destination for tourists looking to spend quality time with their family or friends. 

This is one of the best swimming areas in the nation if you're searching for somewhere to cool down. You may swim here while wearing a mask in the clear waters, or you can just take your significant other on a peaceful picnic. It is a location where the light of sunset reflects on the sand and provides the ideal atmosphere for an introspective journey.

This tranquil beach is well worth a visit if you're looking for some peace. It's the perfect place for a getaway for a couple or family. Make connections with the lovely natural world and cherish your memories for all time.

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    2 hours

Address of Al Maroona Beach

Madinat Ash Shamal, Qatar

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