Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings

In addition to Qatar's forts, towers, and old towns, there are other distinctive and fascinating places to visit. These intriguing locations, which include islands and rock carvings, narrate the history of Qatar. Petroglyphs, or rock engravings, can be seen on Bahrain's adjacent Al Hawar Island and along Qatar's coastline. Of the dozen rock carving locations in Qatar, Al Jassasiya is undoubtedly the most stunning.

The site was initially found in 1957, and in 1974, after extensive study, 874 single figures and compositions carved in limestone were cataloged. They mainly consist of cup markings arranged in different ways, such as rows, rosettes, and stars, but they sometimes include carvings like boats, footprints, and mysterious signs and symbols. The cup marks are thought to have been used for playing old board games like mancala, also known as Al Huwaila or Al Haloosa in Qatar.

Regarding how old these petroglyphs are, there is disagreement among experts. While more audacious estimations contend they are thousands of years old, the most conservative assessments claim they are only a few centuries old. Another topic of discussion is the meaning or significance of petroglyphs.

It has been hypothesized that the round holes may have been used to play a board game or store pearls, which were once heavily trafficked in the area. The placement of the circular holes is said to symbolize constellations, but even if this were accurate, it would still be unclear as to why they were made in the first place.

  • Go Hiking: 

The beautiful rocky landscape begs for a short stroll. Even if it is difficult to find them all, you should come across some when exploring the numerous trails. a fantastic exercise for youngsters! Numerous little lizards can be found living among the rocks; they are most active in the morning and late in the afternoon. There is a platform that offers some shade and encourages picnicking below.

  • Know Before You Go: 

The rock carvings in Jassasiya are best viewed at sunrise and dusk because of the lighting. Additionally, the high terrain and lack of shade make the noon hour particularly taxing. There aren't any amenities nearby. Al Jassasiya offers the closest opportunity to purchase supplies, though. Bring enough water, food, sunscreen, and any other outdoor-related necessities.

  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings

Madinat Ash Shamal, Qatar

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