Château d'If

Since 1926, Château d'If has been designated as a historical monument, and it is now a must-see attraction in Marseille, receiving an average of 100,000 visitors annually.


Educate yourself about the purpose served by this structure over time:

Francis I of France wanted Château d'If to serve three purposes:

Guard Marseille, which was annexed to France in 1480.

Protect the coast from invasions

Offer cover for the new royal fleet of galleys

Today, you can visit this historic location and learn about its fascinating past. Inscriptions and other signs of the passage of some prisoners can still be seen on the walls today.

Arrival and departure times of the ferry boats serve as the basis for the visitation times:

All year long, provided the weather permits the shuttles to operate, Château d'If is open to visitors. The trip takes just 20 minutes and is just one nautical mile from the Old Port, allowing you to capture stunning images of Friuli's Fort and Marseille's harbor.

Observe the architectural detialing intricately to gauge the influences that shaped it:

The three-story island defense fort was constructed hastily and fairly cheaply, maintaining a rough texture on the exterior walls. Additionally, gunnery towers were built inside the fortress's walls, and today they are still the thing that most distinguishes it. The fort was never attacked and survived the centuries almost undamaged besides wear and tear from the elements.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Château d'If

Embarcadère Frioul If, Marseille, France

Opening & Closing time of Château d'If

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