Cite Radieuse Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier transformed Europe's perception of the potential of urban building for the masses with this single structure. Unité and the Radiant City have become a touchstone for future architects and design enthusiasts.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-see while traveling with the Metropolitan Office of Tourism and Conventions.


Learn about the personality whose brainchild this project was:

When France faced a housing problem in the cities, they turned to Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier, a god among men who also happened to speak fluently about the subject at issue.

Le Corbusier and painter-architect Nadir Afonso worked together to create the famed brutalist-modernist fusion style, which adjusted for the post-war shortages prevalent in the former style while also accommodating the more empathetic aesthetic tenets of the latter.

Understand the evolution of the concept of the township from this model:

This vertical garden city is made up of several separate apartments that have been built as a unit. The 337 apartments in the 'Cité radieuse' are divided into 23 various types, all offering luxurious and up-to-date lodging at the time.

The 'housing extensions' inside the 'cité radieuse' benefit these individual spaces because they were created to inspire a novel collective housing experience. They include an indoor high street with a bookshop and publishing house Imbernon, a bar and restaurant: Le Ventre de l'architect, a hotel: Le Corbusier, a Design Concept Store: the 318, and a Tea Room 'l'Archi Gourmand.'

Learn about its numerous areas, high street, and rooftop during this trip:

This housing complex unit is chock-full of surprises. It's a simple architectural idea that plays with colors, perspectives, and lighting to provide inhabitants with daily comfort and well-being.

Le Corbusier envisioned the flat rooftop area outside as a communal area where residents may gather or work out. A running track circles several cleverly covered ventilation stacks, and in the middle, of all things, is a kiddie pool.

The most essential audience of all—the people who still reside within its walls today—continues to be extremely fond of Le Corbusier's urban housing project.

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