Orange Velodrome

The 'Orange Velodrome' is one of the symbols that represent Marseille.

The Orange Vélodrome, located in the center of Marseille and only a short distance from the Mediterranean Sea, provides the highest level of hospitality daily throughout the year.

The stadium, the home of the French football team with the most victories in the history of the sport, is also used as the most extraordinary venue for various business events.

Workshops with ten participants or summits with five thousand attendees—neither number is out of the question when it comes to meeting your needs and fulfilling your wishes.


  • Discover how the site has developed over time:

The next step is to go to the football stadium where a lot of well-known players have competed in the past.

Nevertheless, besides its illustrious reputation, this place is steeped in history and has been at the city's heart for more than eight decades!

In 1937, before it was ever used for football games, the stadium was initially built as a velodrome to host cycling competitions.

Other sporting events, such as the beginning of the Tour de France cycling competition, the Track Cycling World Championships, and the beginning of athletic competitions in gymnastics, boxing, and rugby, started to take place gradually.

  • Find out about the events of a world-class level that have brought recognition to this venue:

Significant events such as the UEFA European Championship in 1984, the Football World Cup in 1998, the Rugby World Cup in 2007, and the UEFA Euro in 2016 all had an impact on this shift, as did concerts by artists such as ACDC, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, the Muse, and many others.

  • Consider the following as a model of environmentally responsible living:

The 'Orange Velodrome' has been renovated into a state-of-the-art, modern stadium with a roof over it. It satisfies the most recent standards for energy efficiency and accessibility and can seat 67,000 people.

In addition to being digital and environmentally friendly (with a rainwater roof system that recycles the water), it satisfies the requirements for a 'Elite UEFA' stadium.

  • Observe an Olympique de Marseille match as the stadium buzzes with energy:

Regarding the number of seats available, the 'Orange Velodrome' is the second-largest stadium in the world after the Stade de France in Paris.

Attend a match to feel the fervor of Marseille's fans for yourself!

The excitement is overwhelming, and the performance will take place!

  • Explore the hidden corners of this world-famous landmark with us:

By following the path, you can enjoy a self-guided tour during which you will have access to the conference room, the sides of the pitch, the locker rooms, and many other exclusive locations.

You will be entertained with testimonies and visuals showcasing the glory days of the 'Orange Velodrome' Stadium and the Olympique de Marseille Football club.

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    2 hours

Address of Orange Velodrome

3 Bd Michelet, Marseille, France

Opening & Closing time of Orange Velodrome

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