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At the Vieux-entrance Port's is the Palais du Pharo, which has more than 500 hotel rooms nearby. It provides 7000 square metres for your convention split between two architectural spaces: the old palace and its contemporary addition.


  • Find out about the site's historical significance as well as how it was later redeveloped for practical purposes:

This city presented Napoleon III with an exquisite 'imperial home' in the form of the Palais du Pharo. Its name, which comes from the Hebrew word farot,' refers to the mound seen on maps dating back to the 14th century. This mound not only acted as a lookout but also helped to separate the landmass from the open sea.

The land was donated by the city so that the host of the event could have a house by the water that was built by 'Lefuel.'

And finally, the emperor was never a patron of the Pharo; he never even stepped foot inside. After her husband's passing in 1873, 'Empress Eugenie' donated the palace to the city as a memorial to her husband.

Before the Faculty of Medicine moved in towards the end of the 19th century, the palace was initially used as a hospital, and this use continued until the present day. After some time, it was acquired by the University of Aix-Marseille.

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Over a century, the Pharo provided lodging for the 8,000 medical personnel who were essential for delivering care in international locations. However, the facility was finally closed down in 2013.

In addition, it was the only military school in Europe that explicitly focused on tropical medicine.

The magnificent Palais du Pharo, a conference center located on the edge of the southern peninsula of the Vieux Port, is encircled by the Pharo Garden, which is equally as beautiful.

  • Participate in one of the many successful business gatherings that are hosted there while taking in the breathtaking architecture:

Corporate events held at the Palais du Pharo, a true landmark in the region of Marseille, are only as distinguished as those events.

Currently, the palace functions as a conference venue; each year, it can accommodate as many as 60,000 guests.

The entire former Imperial Residence contains 7,000 square meters of event space, while the modern addition from 2013 can house 2,500 guests.

The venue includes the following:

Magnificent ceremonial rooms

A magnificent 1,200-square-meter exhibition hall

A 500-square-meter café.

A magnificent theatre with 900 seats that can be arranged in various ways to host conventions or seminars.

  • Explore the neighborhood:

The palace is surrounded by the beautiful garden known as the Jardin du Pharo, which offers breathtaking views of the north shore and the Old Port of Marseille.

Walk around the lovely grounds while paying your respects at the memorial for the sailors who lost their lives in the First World War.

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Address of Palais du Pharo

58 Bd Charles Livon, Marseille, France

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