Wadi e Jinn - Al Baida

Only 30 kilometres from Madinah lies Wadi al Jinn aka Wadi Al-Baidah. The valley is formed like an egg and has hills on three sides. The earliest Islamic texts, which establish the existence of Jinn in the valley, contain the history of Wadi al Jinn. Jinn is referenced in the Quran roughly 29 times. There are numerous stories about them. They are thought to be unseen beings that interact with humans yet maintain their own lives apart. They can fly and are formed of smokeless fire.

The location, which is northwest of the city, is home to a mystery that has drawn and enthralled visitors worldwide. The fact that cars and other vehicles move on the road without the driver touching the steering is the biggest enigma in the valley. The cars have been seen moving toward Madinah, and the locals think that Jinn may be present there.

How to explore Wadi al Jinn?

- You can set up a tent along the road in Saudi Arabia's sacred region. Try camping here to encounter the unexpected.

- Discover the wonders of the location by visiting. Turn off the ignition and keep the car in neutral gear to explore the area if you're curious enough. If your car starts moving, especially in an upward direction, don't be shocked. Without a driver, cars have been known to travel as fast as 120 km/h. According to scientific theories, there are strong magnetic forces that draw automobiles and wheels while promoting movement efficiency. These areas with strong magnetic fields give the mind and sight an optical illusion. It occurs because of the topography, which makes a downward slope appear upward. As a result, many scholars think the downhill slope is misinterpreted as an upward slope.

- Try spraying some water on the street. You might notice that it flows up the hill instead of going down. This occurrence is referred to as 'reverse gravity' by geologists. The rocky mountains are where this natural occurrence takes place.

- A beautiful vista with no buildings in sight and a bright blue sky may be found in the valley. Visit this valley on foot for some stunning views.

- Join a rock climbing expedition to see breathtaking views of the valley and the cliffs.

- Early sunrise scenes are a sight to behold in the valley.

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Address of Wadi e Jinn - Al Baida

Wadi Jinn 42755, Saudi Arabia

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