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Do you wish to experience the desert while maintaining your comforts? Alternatively, you might spend the night near the beach without any hassles. Why not experience 'luxury camping' in Sarab? 

Sarab Camp is a traditional Arabian camping village with contemporary conveniences. It is situated in a conveniently accessible area where the sand meets the sea. It encourages tourists to experience the real Qatari camp life in accordance with international standards of hospitality and safety. 

Accommodations are available at Sarab Camp in Mesaieed. With Sarab Camp, enjoy the desert like never before in one of their roomy, comfortable tents. Enjoy a taste of Qatari hospitality while feeling at home at these camps and rentals. While you are here, you will be entertained and well taken care of. There are professionally trained staffs on hand to help you with the traditional experience.

How to explore Sarab Camp? 

  • The camping facilities include a majlis, playrooms, and a private beach. On a playground, kids can have fun outside. 
  • Table tennis, foosball, volleyball, and mini football areas are available for you to use in this camping area. You only need this to have some alone time away from the bustle of the city. 
  • There is a beach close by, so your summer vacation will be enjoyable without a doubt. Enjoy beach activities like snorkeling, building sand castles, and playing by the water. 
  • When you play billiards, time goes by quickly. Your spare time will be brightened by playing billiards with other visitors staying in nearby tents. 
  • You can choose to order from the camp's traditional and modern Arabic menu or bring your food for a barbecue. 
  • Sit by the bonfire and take in the starry skies to cap off an exciting day. 
  • This campground is a camping fantasy for women. It features gorgeously decorated tents, exclusively for women, with all the necessities for a peaceful winter camping trip in total seclusion. You may warm up inside the majlis or relax by the pleasant bonfire area where you can toast marshmallows and sip hot Karak. 
  • Rent a customized travel caravan with a decked-out patio, an outdoor movie theatre, a privacy fence, a BBQ grill, and even free WiFi. The caravan also includes a TV, kitchen, dining table, bathroom, and other facilities in addition to a bedroom with air conditioning. 
  • For further experience, you may rent a horse or a kayak here.
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    3 hours

Address of Sarab Camp

Sealine Beach Rd, Mesaieed, Qatar

Opening & Closing time of Sarab Camp

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