Singing Sand Dunes

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The singing sand dunes of Qatar are a collection of crescent-shaped sand dunes around 40 kilometers southwest of Doha. The wind and friction from people running, jogging, or sliding down the dune cause it to 'sing.' 

Choose to go on a full-day desert safari and then unwind with a soothing, sound healing treatment. Since ancient times, this healing method has been employed historically for spiritual healing. Tibetan Singing Bowls are utilized in music therapy, sound healing, and meditation. 

The benefits of this therapy include lowering stress levels through intense relaxation and endorphin release, releasing emotional traumas that have been subconsciously stored, encouraging deeper sleep, mending old emotional wounds, and breaking through restricting behavioral patterns. The best relief from headaches, exhaustion, sleeplessness, digestive issues, joint or muscle pain, menstruation problems, and emotional imbalances is provided by this therapy. Additionally, it treats emotional imbalances and intestinal problems. In this desert, sound treatment has such power!

How to explore Singing sand dunes? 

  • As you begin your trip, you quickly realize that walking along the slowly ascending ridge is the quickest route to climb those dunes. Hike up using this strategy to move ahead quickly. 
  • Be amazed by the sand dunes' shapes. Every time the wind blows, these shapes change. 
  • Click beautiful shots from your camera, especially around dawn and dusk. 
  • With three or more people, use the following technique to bring the dune to sing and hum. Sit side by side on the highest point of the ridge and begin descending. How much sand you can push aside is more important than how quickly you can slide down. Work your way down using your hands, arms, feet, and legs. Thus, the dune will hum louder the more sand you remove in a steady, gradual motion. You can hear the sound moving down the dune if you suddenly stop.
  • Dune bashing and Desert Safari with professional drivers will give you a thrilling experience. 
  • Dune buggy bashing is another off-road adventure filled with adrenaline and excitement. 
  • Go for Camel Rides for a real desert experience. 
  • Set LED lights, carpets, pillows, and beach chairs for a wonderful desert camping experience. 
  • Opt for Sound Healing Therapy by experts present there. 
  • Live BBQ Buffet dinner with a stunning backdrop calls for another party-like experience. 
  • Set up a bonfire and relax amidst the sand dunes. 
  • Stop over at the Inland Sea for a dip in the sea and some water adventures.
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Mesaieed, Qatar

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