Letna Park

This vast park offers a pleasant place to sit and unwind and unrivaled views of the city, particularly from the Hanavský Pavilion, a distinctive cast-iron building with a restaurant. Other park features include grassy areas, a colorful assortment of bushes on the hillsides, and a tree-lined avenue. Letná Plain was one of the earliest parks with a promenade feel. They covered 25 hectares. They were formerly known as the Letná Hill, which translates as a hill facing the summer or the Southern side.

How to explore Letna Park? 

  • You may spend your leisure time in the park playing sports, going for walks, having a picnic, or unwinding in the summer garden café at the Letná chateau, located in the park's easternmost section.
  • It is the best place for children, with a dedicated playground for slacklining, skateboarding, and pétangue.
  • There are ornamental apple trees from the Pruhonice dendrology collections behind the former Stalin Memorial, and a beech alley was planted close by the apple trees.
  • Letná Park frequently serves as a venue for other events. Before this, Prague's green space often hosted festivals as significant as the Letná Festival. It is an occasion that, over two weeks unifies the best of two worlds - the circus and contemporary theater. In 1996, Michael Jackson chose it as the starting point of his History World Tour in this park.
  • Hanavský Pavilion offers the best views in Letná. It is a stunning neo-Baroque palace with a tower and is one of the park's main draws. It was first constructed as a ceremonial hall for Prague's General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891. Prince William Hanavský, who also controlled the Komárovsk steelmaking business and several other Czech industrial firms that took part in the show, was the pavilion's owner and bears his name in the pavilion. However, one of the pavilion's most intriguing accomplishments is that it was the first structure in Prague to be constructed entirely out of wrought iron, cement, and glass—the favored construction elements of the then-emerging Art Nouveau style.
  • The Red Metronome, one of the park's emblems owing to its size and quirky design, is located in the east of the house, despite Kramá's Villa, the official residence of the Czech Prime Minister since 1914, is located to the west of the mansion. The enormous device, also known as the 'Time Machine,' was created in 1991 when the Berlin Wall was finally shut down.
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Address of Letna Park

Letná, Prague, Czech Republic

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