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The National Museum of Colombia is Colombia's most comprehensive and time-honored cultural institution. This museum exhibits an extensive collection of artifacts discovered during archaeological digs and historical, artistic, and cultural artifacts relating to Columbia.

• Learn about its inception and explore the collections:

This museum was established in 1823. Its structure looks like a castle due to the presence of many arches, domes, and columns throughout the complex.

• Find treasures of the past that hold religious and cultural significance:

When you pay a visit to the National Museum of Colombia, you are taken on an educational excursion through the rich history and culture of the country. Over 20,000 artifacts from different eras in Columbia's history are housed in the museum's collection, which spans the country's entire existence. Explore everything from pre-Hispanic archaeological discoveries and relics from the colonial era to contemporary works of art from across the nation and the world.

• Discover the many different pre-Hispanic societies that existed in Colombia:

From the pre-Hispanic periods to the present day, the 17 permanent displays are laid out in chronological order throughout the three floors of the museum. Discover the rites practiced during their deaths and burials, and peruse an extensive collection of exquisite pre-Columbian gold, along with indigenous jewelry, ceramics, and implements.

• Indulge in art therapy:

Find artworks that date from the colonial period up to the present day. You will also be able to locate diverse works by Debora Arango, Fernando Botero, and many other artists, in addition to objects of Spanish iconography.

• Participate in ongoing exhibitions and concerts:

Explore the rotating exhibitions highlighting Colombian culture and art from around the world. You may see live music and dance performances on different days of the week.

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    3 hours

Address of Colombo National Museum

Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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