Galle Fort

Galle Fort is the crowning glory of Sri Lanka's ageless beauty as a travel destination and is located on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka. This gorgeous walled city is home to various unique cafes, symmetrical avenues lined with residences showing Dutch architecture, fancy restaurants, and hotels, all of which contribute to the city's overall attractiveness.

This historical location, established by the Portuguese in 1588, was designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.


• Stroll along the ramparts of Galle Fort:

Around the 17th century, Dutch traders constructed the brick walls and grassy ramparts that surround the city of Galle. These defences are present all around the city. These ramparts, originally constructed to impede attackers, are today used as a platform from which visitors can take in a breathtaking view over the Galle fort beach and the entire city.

• Familiarize yourself with the architecture of the Netherlands:

The remnants of the Dutch military's constructions can still be found within the walls of the Galle fort, formerly under their control.

Reminiscences of that historical period can be found at several locations, including the ramparts of the fort, the Maritime Archeology Museum, Groote Kerk, and the Amangalla hotel, to name just a few.

• Indulge your taste buds in the flavour of delectable seafood that has been enhanced with various spices:

The Galle Fort Hotel gives guests the experience of dining in the city's finest restaurants, allowing them to delight in Sri Lankan cuisine's wonderful and genuine flavours. This is where art and food come together, and its reputation as having one of the most diverse menus in the area has earned it a place of prominence in the centre of this historic site.

• Shop for antiquities:

Due to its position as the cultural centre of the southern coast, this paradisiacal island is an excellent destination for experiencing Dutch culture and shopping in posh boutiques and streetside stores.

Shop for locally designed homewares that are worthy of injecting some colour into an otherwise dull living room. In addition to this, the location possesses priceless diamonds and an extensive collection of antique jewellery. The prices of the items at this location can strain one's pocket, but the quality of the items is commensurate with the cost.

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