Horton Plains National Park

The Horton Plains National Park is undeniably one of the most stunning examples of a World Heritage Site that can be seen anywhere in the world.

The natural beauty of this location, in addition to the air of mystique that permeates it, is likely to take you by surprise.


• Experience versatile terrains as you traverse them:

The structure of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka resembles a plateau composed of plains on one end, dense forests on the other, and mountains in the middle. Kirigalpotta and Totapola, the two highest peaks in the region, are included in the park's boundaries.

• Admire the wealth of over 150 different animal species and over 750 different plant types:

Many kinds of ferns, orchids, and lichens are found in this region.

Various creatures call this forest their home, including the Wild Boa, the Purple Faced Langur, the Magpie, the Wood Pigeon, and the Red Slender Loris. On the other hand, it is considerably simpler to find birds and other smaller creatures in this location; as a result, it is widely regarded as a paradise for people who enjoy bird watching.

Another stunning creature that few people claim to have seen in Sri Lanka is the leopard native to the island.

• Hike across the stunning natural scenery of World's End:

The World's End is the primary destination for visitors to this national park. Your journey through the highlands of Sri Lanka, which is around 9 kilometres long, will expose you to their breathtaking beauty. This is where the park's plateau abruptly drops at more than 800 metres, making it the area's most spectacular natural feature.

These mountains gradually transition into plains extending to the coast, which is approximately eighty kilometres distant and can be spotted lurking in the distance.

• Visit Baker's Falls and take some stunning photographs:

These breathtaking waterfalls are located in the heart of Horton Plains National Park and are accessible by a stream connected to the Belihuloya River. The area is encircled by a profusion of vegetation, which spills over into the basin.

• Have a cup of coffee on the house at the Farr In:

Most passengers will begin their journey from this stunning hunting lodge, which serves as the gathering spot. The building was formerly used as a lodge for highly decorated British government officials; however, in modern times, it has been converted into a lovely cafe and visitor centre.

There is also a little gift shop next door, where you can look through publications associated with the park and its past.

• Plan overnight camping here:

There are three distinct areas within the park that can be used for camping, which many hikers and backpackers choose to do to be as near to nature as possible.

• Get up early and stroll around:

Hiking in Horton Plains National Park is a very well-known activity. You will not be able to go on a safari in Horton Plains National Park, which is precisely why the park has retained all of its natural splendour despite the passage of so many years.

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    3 hours

Address of Horton Plains National Park

No 23/A Dayagama east road, Dayagama, Colombo, Sri lanka

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