Little Adam's Peak

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Little Adam's Peak is characterised by its stunning landscape, which includes mountains, dense forests, and tea plantations. The revered Adam's Peak, a holy mountain site, inspired the naming of Little Adam's Peak. Both summits have a similar outline, but Little Adam's Peak is lower and less steep, making it more approachable. The trail is marked and easy to access from Ella's main street.


  • Trek your way up to reach the summit, you will be rewarded with views that are nothing short of stunning:
  • Because it is such a great place to visit for people who enjoy being outside, many end up staying here longer than intended.

• Get involved in some adventure and be rewarded with lovely sights:

On the walk up there, one can enjoy the emanation of a pleasant smell from the tea plantation while seeing some lush green tea plantations with smiling tea leaf pickers, colourful birds, flowers, and flying eagles. Additionally, one can observe some lush green tea plantations.

It offers an option that is less taxing and more pleasurable to engage in hiking for people who cannot trek on a mountain that is as large as Adam's peak but still want to experience the beautiful view that can be had from the high of a mountain.

• Enjoy a delectable lunch while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

There are numerous dining options available at Little Adam's Peak.

  • Ravana Heights

This restaurant delivers dishes that combine Thai and Sri Lankan cuisines in a fusion style.

  • Adam's Breeze

This restaurant is close to Adam's peak and serves Sri Lankan and Asian cuisine. This establishment satisfies one's need for gluten-free meals while accommodating vegetarians, as it provides a wide selection of vegetarian food options.

  • Art Cafe Umbrella

This eatery is not only attractively adorned with some adorable wall paintings and some gift postcards painted by the proprietor himself, but it also benefits from a handy position near Little Adam's peak. They provide:

  • • Delicious coffee.
  • • A fusion of European and Sri Lankan food.
  • • Selections that are vegan and gluten-free.

• Hike through the beautiful forest and across the historic Nine Arches rail viaduct:

Travel across the Nine Arches rail viaduct and arrive in Demodara. Visit the historic station erected by the British, and walk the renowned circular track there.

• Schedule your detour to either witness the sunrise or the sunset:

Since the sun puts on its most captivating show just before sunrise and just before sunset, it is highly recommended that visitors to Little Adam's Peak arrive there either just before sunrise or just before sunset.

• Do some yoga and try some meditation:

Take advantage of this refuge into the lap of nature and spend time in self-reflection to know yourself better and have a mind-body-soul connection.

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Colombo, Sri lanka

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