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The Negombo Lagoon is vast in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka, and it is connected to several smaller rivers and canals, and the Indian Ocean can be found to the north. It is home to an amazing variety of flora and animals and thriving aquatic ecology, thanks to its beautiful mangrove swamps, which are the most diversified of all the mangrove communities on the island's western coast.


Take boat rides on the lagoon to explore the area:

Excursions on the lagoon in boats provide some of the best views of the surrounding mangroves and birds of the water. A boat trip departs from the Dutch Canal and makes its way into the lagoon; you can take part in this excursion. During the journey, passengers can enjoy some small refreshments while riding on the boat.

Feel rejuvenated as the six senses are revived in the lap of nature: The lagoon faithfully fulfils its function as a place to relax by providing an unassuming stretch of blue and green. In addition, a densely inhabited region encompasses the area, surrounded by expansive rice paddy fields, coconut plantations, meadows, and fishing and agricultural grounds.

Indulge in local delicacies and try different dishes, especially seafood:

In Negombo, seafood is extremely popular and is caught daily.

Because of the region's reputation for its spices, the town is noted for its authentic and flavorful cuisine that features local specialities. There are numerous hotels and resorts around the lagoon for guests to enjoy delectable and freshly prepared seafood.

Learn about the local fishing culture while observing local fishermen and their families at work on the lagoon:

In Negombo, a traditional fishing village in Sri Lanka, visitors may get a real sense of spending a day in a fishing village. Here, most residents rely on their traditional understanding of the seasons for their livelihood. The lagoon provides Negombo's thriving fishing industry with an abundant supply of fish throughout the year, allowing the business to thrive.

In addition to beachgoing and scuba diving, water activities are a well-liked by visitors:

A stunning coral reef and a famous shipwreck can be found in this region, a major draw for scuba divers, and the shipwreck is one of the main attractions for divers.

Admire the wealth of aviary life:

Birdwatchers will have a field day in the Negombo Lagoon because it is home to many species of water and shore birds.

The largest estuary lagoon in southwest Sri Lanka, the Koggala Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide range of wildlife that attracts nature photographers and birdwatchers from all over the world.

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