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Many craftspeople settled on the banks of the Thiou River in the Middle Ages to take advantage of its power. Feudal lords settled on both banks of the river, including the Count of Geneva at Annecy. The incorporation of the Genevois territory into the Duchy of Savoy, the establishment of the Genevois apanage, the Wars of Religion, the elevation of François de Sales to the episcopal see, and the attachment of Savoy to France were all events that shaped Annecy. 

As you walk around, you can sense the history that lends Annecy its allure. The ancient town invites you to meander through the halls of time, between historic monuments and waterways, along narrow lanes, or beneath medieval arcades. 

Things to do at La Vieille Villa:

  • Canals: 

Canals invigorate the historic area, adding a sense of freshness and vibrancy that admirers of the picturesque will appreciate. It is not unusual to see painters erecting easels there! 

  • The Musée-Château: 

The Château d'Annecy encapsulates the history of its town, which it appears to guard as it did in the Middle Ages. As soon as you enter the yard, you can see the harmonic evolution of the facades, the result of four centuries of work. The huge Queen's Tower, which dates from the 13th century, cannot be missed. 

  • Le Pâquier: 

If you visit Annecy, you will undoubtedly come across the Champs de Mars, also known as the Pâquier, which means pasture because it was previously located at the city's gates. The benevolent owner handed it to the town in the 17th century after agreeing not to build on it. In the 21st century, these 7 hectares make it a huge park open to anyone, similar to the Central Park of Annecy residents who enjoy congregating there! 

  • The 5 bell towers district: 

History aficionados are fascinated by Annecy's religious heritage. Indeed, the Old Town is home to iconic bell towers like as the Visitation Order Basilica, Notre-Dame-de-Liesse Church, Saint-Maurice Church, Saint-François de Sales Church, and Saint-Pierre Cathedral. 

  • The Jardins de l’Europe: 

An English-style park with century-old plantings and diversity of species is a stone's throw from the Old Town and on the edge of the lake, where Annecy residents enjoy strolling. During the Middle Ages, this park was home to health cottages located on marshy islands where people went when they were infected during epidemics.

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